Expansion News! Our new commitment to the Berlin innovation ecosystem

Expansion News! Horizon37 coach Emily Koolen, from January, will be dedicated to leading our new commitment to the Berlin innovation ecosystem. 

Like the brilliant leaders we work with, we have our own bold scale-up ambitions. There are lots of opportunities for us to be valuable for innovation businesses, and we are choosing carefully how and where to scale our proven model, delivering leadership step-ups in growth businesses. 

Berlin has become a front-runner and pace setter for Europe. It’s been named by many sources as a top spot to found a start-up in Europe and is attracting talent, amenities and funding opportunities. 

We want to play a part in establishing Berlin as a city for not only founders in start-ups but great leaders in scale-ups. The ideas and innovations are foundational, but the stories and sustainability are with the human side in business growth. We know that it takes commitment to build an understanding and develop relationships in a new city, and so we are starting our international expansion with this investment into the Berlin ecosystem.

We have chosen Emily as the right pathfinder Ecosystem Leader for our new chapter. She has built ecosystems on three continents for innovative start-up and scale-up communities and will be supported by our established core team of coaches and business functions as she builds out our Berlin community. 

Headshot by Rosie Parsons Photography

With a deep understanding of the human side of business, expertise and proven results as a leadership coach and consultant, she knows how to identify the needs, shift the mindsets and level up teams, companies and stakeholders. Her international perspective will foster faster growth and wider, diverse opportunities for the Berlin ecosystem. 

To connect with Emily, contact her at emily.koolen@horizon37.co.uk, or https://www.linkedin.com/in/emilykoolen/

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