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“The Horizon 37 programme has been really transformational for the business. If you want to see business results quicker – it really is worth the investment.”

Ameera Patel – Founder, TidalSense

What are you dealing with in your business right now?

  • Leadership team forming or pivoting.
  • Capability gaps to fill with key senior hires or rapid upskilling.
  • People not playing to their strengths in current roles.
  • A constant backdrop of pressure to secure investment and please investors.
  • Inefficient Board and Executive team interactions.
  • Sub-standard communication eroding trust and fostering suspicion.
  • Potential value of diversity not yet realised as a competitive advantage.
  • Misdirected activity in a culture that neglects prioritisation.
  • Lack of alignment on business direction, priorities and responsibilities.
  • Decisions stalled or rushed, poor implementation.
  • Big ambitions to improve the world.

It’s time to build on what’s working, target and fill the gaps, and get results at pace

“The programme has been successful in helping us overcome specific challenges.”

Nick Hawker – CEO, First Light Fusion

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