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Innovative, rapid-growth businesses and their investors are changing the world for the better, but too often unprepared leadership is holding them back from achieving their mission.

Horizon37 designs and delivers leadership coaching programmes for scale-up exec and non-exec teams, enabling them to succeed in breaking new ground.

Feedback from our customers between March-June 2022, shows 95% of respondents rated our programmes as either “Valuable” or “Game Changing”

Supporting groundbreaking, innovative businesses as they transition from startup to scaleup is at the heart of Horizon37.

“Horizon37 is taking the company from a research start-up into a commercially-minded business focused on growth. They are helping us understand how and when to take advice and to build alignment. Progress so far has exceeded my expectations by a long way.”

David Cleevely – Serial Chair, Investor, Entrepreneur

Our diagnostic tools


Capture actionable 360° feedback to help you grow as a leader

Leadership Launchpad

Identify your natural style for learning and growing as a leader

“Horizon37’s programmes have been game-changing. They challenge my thinking with high-quality content, and give me tools to try with my team. The coaches are solid, well-read and research-driven.”

Matthew Carr – Co-founder and CEO, Luffy AI

Our insights

Our latest research

A snapshot of the fresh insights offered in our latest report, ‘The Leadership Proliferation Threshold’, with partners from Cranfield School of Management, shared with the Horizon37 community in December 2021

Our latest articles

Prove, Defy, Generate

Leader: “Things are very tough….” [The very eloquent and articulate leader gives a strongly analytical and robust description of the impossible situation he is in.] Coach: “Wow, the stakeholders REALLY ARE that stuck in their ways/slow?” Leader: “Yes, I’ve tried everything. And you would not believe how dysfunctional they are.”  Coach: “Have you tried challenging them directly?” Leader: “Yes,Continue reading “Prove, Defy, Generate”

Generating Resilience in Teams

Do you want to be on your A-game when it matters? Or your B-game 24/7? Leaders are valuing resilient teams more and more right now. They can adapt and innovate in the face of new challenges; beat the competition when the unexpected happens; and stay motivated and collaborative when the going gets tough. Why are stressors stressful? A stressorContinue reading “Generating Resilience in Teams”


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Results matter most.
We make a difference
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Our work is outstanding quality and we are
cutting-edge experts

You have existing
momentum, let’s build on what’s working

Insight and understanding come first, to inform and adapt our coaching

We do what we say we will

We challenge and work
at pace

We can be trusted.
We protect confidentiality and always choose to “do the right thing”

We have positive intent and your interests at heart