Teams work better if they understand each other better. Using our bespoke tools, we provide in-depth analysis of personal aspirations and motivations, personality traits, behavioural styles and preferences. We advise on suitable frameworks, guide you through the assessment process step-by-step, and help you interpret findings. 

Diagnostic Tools


Our customised 360° assessment is designed to capture actionable, anonymised feedback for leaders. Based on multiple years of research into effective leadership traits, our approach is tailored to different leadership roles. The result is a meaningful analysis of externally perceived strengths, styles, and limiting weaknesses. We then coach leaders to choose specific actions and commitments to elevate their performance.

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Leadership LaunchpadTM

The Leadership Launchpad is a uniquely powerful tool that helps leaders identify their natural leadership style, as well as their preferences, and optimal conditions for learning and growing as a leader.

Based on four decades of research, The Leadership Launchpad is grounded in the latest psychological theories, and informed by Horizon37’s practical decades of experience of how leaders learn, develop and grow.

Try it for yourself! It takes less than 10 minutes to complete, and you will receive a comprehensive report shortly after submitting.

The Horizon MethodTM

While each of our leadership programmes is completely bespoke, over the years we’ve got to know what the most impactful topics are for scale-up leaders. From leadership mindsets, to effective decision-making; from building the right company culture, to creating a world-class network of mentors to learn from – we know what it takes to make significant breakthroughs.

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Horizon37’s programmes have been game-changing. They challenge my thinking with high-quality content, and give me tools to try with my team. The coaches are solid, well-read and research-driven.

Matthew Carr – Co-founder and CEO, Luffy AI