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Our Programmes

Our Programmes

Our programmes are transformational and finite – focussed on your team’s leadership and bespoke to your business. While there’s no one size fits all, you can expect it to be practical, actionable, pacey – and all about results.

Discover, Align, Transform

For scale-up executive teams to work with a team of coaches for 9 months to transform leadership performance, and achieve business results. Including:

  • diagnostics
  • team workshops
  • individual coaching
  • progress tracking and accountability.

We will coach the team to choose priorities and take actions to improve performance, ensuring everyone is pulling in the same (and right) direction, and ready to achieve scale up goals.

Transform Together

Join a cohort of peers to transform leadership performance, with a team of coaches over six months, and achieve business results. Our programme includes:

  • diagnostics
  • team workshops
  • individual coaching
  • progress tracking, support and accountability as we connect and leverage the cohort for peer learning and coaching.

The results are new leadership mindsets, techniques and habits; empowered teams and trusting boards.

Leadership Proliferation Programme: ‘Ready, Set, Proliferate’

Hone in rapidly on your priorities for leadership, applying the latest research findings from the Cranfield School of Management and Horizon37 Research Team. Our accelerated programme will:

  • Check your leadership readiness for scale-up
  • Empower participants to target gaps and choose quick actions where you have the most to gain in your unique business
  • Identify opportunities and challenges, and work to improve performance
  • Get on the same page and prepare for the journey ahead

Individual Leadership Transformation

Our immersive coaching is transformative and finite. Your 12-week programme is tailor-made to meet your unique needs. We ask the tough questions with candour and respect, and with our support, you gather insight and feedback.

Together, we identify opportunities and challenges, and work to improve performance. You get results in specific and meaningful areas, relevant to your vision and strategic priorities.

Valuable Boards

Focus and contribute maximum value towards the business goals of the scale-up. This programme helps the board to improve collaboration by understanding the diverse needs, abilities and perspectives of colleagues.

By the end of the programme, participants will be able to leverage strengths of the team, achieve greater performance, increase engagement between the board and exec, and make effective decisions together.

Valuable Mentors

In this programme, we will uncover how mentors can be the catalysts for leaders to become equipped and empowered, enabling them to make good decisions and perform better, more sustainably, and in ways that deliver business value and growth.

We coach mentors to discover for themselves what will make a difference to their performance, and take focussed action to improve in priority areas to get results with their mentees.

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We are a small team and only work with a number of early-stage growth businesses each year, for whom leadership could have a significant impact on their business results, and who have the drive and commitment to make significant step-ups in leadership. In return, we promise to always be valuable – and deliver real business results.

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