People Coordinator

People Coordinator

Applications are now closed for this position.

Horizon37 are looking for a People Coordinator to join our dynamic team of coaches and brilliant business folks.

The Horizon37 coaching team members are brilliant, diverse and increasingly specialised. We need to continue to deepen and widen our expertise, match coach specialisms to components of our programmes and customer needs, and assure maximum value for customers. This job is growing, and will be handed over from the Founder.

About Horizon37

Horizon37 delivers leadership coaching to rapidly growing businesses and their leaders.

We have a simple and recognised value proposition, delivering two types of coaching programme for:

(a) groups of CEOs (“Transform Together”) and

(b) executive teams (“Discover, Align, Transform”);

who are leading the transition from start-up business to scale-up.

We are currently a team of 11 (a mixture of employees and contractors), including coaches (leading delivery and programmes) and our back-office (who are called the “Dynamo Team”.)

We are very specialised with cutting-edge programmes, products and tools to support our mission. Our customer base, pipeline and sales process are also robust.

We partner with VCs and Institutions who convene cohorts of participants for our Transform Together programmes and recommend teams for our Discover, Align, Transform programmes.

The Horizon37
Customer Promise


  1. Results matter most, we make a difference in your business
  2. Our work is outstanding quality and we are cutting-edge experts
  3. You have existing momentum, let’s build on what’s working
  4. Insight and understanding come first, to inform and adapt our coaching
  5. We do what we say we will
  6. We challenge and work at pace
  7. We can be trusted, we protect confidentiality and always choose to “do the right thing”
  8. We have positive intent and your interests at heart
  9. We create safe, confidential environments to create robust, explorative and co-creating relationships

Job mission

  1. Maximise the value and positive impact of Horizon37 people for customers:
    • Track objectives and performance of all our people.
    • Review customer and peer feedback to ensure coaches deliver on the Customer Promise and provide valuable deep specialist coaching on our programmes.
    • Connect and engage coaches with monthly Learning and Connection calls to share and generate cutting-edge thinking.
    • Coordinate programme delivery training as required for coaches.
    • Bring together the entire team at quarterly Values Days to focus on growing the business and thriving as a team.
    • Manage the process to recruit new coaches to fit specific specialisms needed to deliver our programmes.
  2. Manage the relevant processes, documents and systems to ensure Horizon37 sales leaders can credibly position our expert team, e.g.
    • Maintain Coach Specialisms document and bios.
    • Maintain Values – “Being Horizon37” / Customer Promise etc.
    • Coordinate staffing process to match coaches to new programmes.

Candidate attributes

  1. Able to connect and inspire existing and potential Horizon37 team members
  2. Realistic in appraising people’s capability and matching to customer needs (for both screening new joiners and staffing coaches)
  3. Keen to understand people’s strengths and identify opportunities for them to contribute and thrive in the business.
  4. Organised in tracking people’s objectives and ambitions.
  5. Able to gather and interpret feedback and performance data.
  6. Assertive and able to have robust performance conversations.
  7. Good at bringing together and structuring learning and good practice in coaching delivery, sourced from around the team.
  8. Fun to work with, positive and encouraging.


  • Ideal start Sept 2021.
  • c.10 hours per week, flexible – e.g. can be term-time only (as a company, we don’t work on Fridays)
  • Up to £7k p.a. – either as a contractor or employed depending on personal circumstances, working hours, and holiday requirements
  • Work remotely, with some travel required depending on business needs
  • Team connection days
  • Three month probationary period.

How to apply

Send a cover letter and CV to Hannah Alexander