Improve the Performance of my Portfolio Companies

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Improve the performance of my portfolio companies

Coaching Foundations for Investors

This half-day workshop is dedicated to investors and VCs, and will take place at the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, near Oxford.

If you want to capture the gold that we see in that handful of investors who increase traction, trust, engagement and positive action by including coaching conversations as part of their repertoire, join our cohort of experienced Chairs to answer questions such as:

1. What is the purpose of my coaching and how does it drive business results?
2. How do I set up the coaching relationship and environment for success?
3. What should I actually do and say – and how – to achieve results from coaching?

Seats are limited, so BOOK YOUR SPOT NOW: Booking/Enquiry Form

Transform Together

Join a cohort of peers to transform leadership performance, with a team of leadership experts over six months, and achieve business results. Including:

  • Team workshops
  • Individual coaching
  • Progress tracking and reviews
  • Systematic diagnostics
  • Accountability support, connecting and leveraging the cohort for peer learning and coaching.

Your programme will deliver tangible results; new leadership mindsets, techniques and habits; empowered teams and trusting boards.

Leadership Readiness ‘Ready, Set, Proliferate’

Hone in rapidly on your priorities for leadership, applying the latest research findings from the Cranfield School of Management and Horizon37 Research Team on our accelerated 8 week programme. Including:

  • Systematic diagnostics and insight analysis
  • Team workshop
  • Results review and next steps

Our leadership experts will embolden your leadership team to step up performance – both during your programme, and in the months thereafter. 

REFUEL Retreat

Get away from day to day operating, being lost in your business, and the constant reactive demands on your time with our three day residential retreat.

REFUEL will offer you the chance to reignite your visionary thinking and get creative again; allowing you the space to step back and look at your strategy and direction, re-immerse yourself in your creative inventions and generate that visionary buzz around your business.

Valuable Boards

Improve collaboration by understanding the diverse needs, abilities and perspectives of colleagues.

Our programme helps participants achieve better performance on boards, increased engagement and trust between the board and exec, and reach more effective decision-making together.

By the end of the programme, the board will be aligned and committed to work that truly furthers the strategic priorities for the organisation.