Impact Days

The fastest route to immediate impact, we deliver high intensity on or off-site days for your team 

We work with you in tackling a specific area – either solving a known issue or building team to enable performance, allowing you to achieve your business results at pace. We design and prepare your Day iteratively with you, to ensure every moment together is valuable. We deliver tangible outputs to enable implementation and sustained impact from the work you’ve put into the day. 

Insight gathering and bespoke design of a day for your team to achieve unambiguously defined outcomes.

Adaptive facilitation by your Horizon37 Leadership Partners on the day; curated and business-specific.

We got a clear new vision, mission, objectives, and balanced scorecard, ready to drive business performance. I’m confident we will stick to these plans now, we are dialed into our strategies. We are set for better prioritisation and accountability. The off-site helped us commit to new ways to interact and operate as a team: less interrupting, more listening! We also have a much better understanding of each other and how to get maximum value from our differences.

Bence Jendruszak – CEO, SEON

Sample Impact Day Scope


  • Align on expectations and ensure the delivery focus provides maximum ROI through a ‘Same Page call’ and design iteration following insight gathering.
  • Discovery and ambition coaching

Impact Day(s)

  • Diagnostics and group coaching to explore, validate and prioritise opportunities to define the leadership needed to really shift performance tailored to your requirements.
  • Interactive, practical sessions to step-up leadership in “hot topic” areas of leadership*, as identified in the insight gathering phase

On Programme completion

Complete and detailed follow-up