We combine practical experience with theory and research to deliver incredibly focussed and fast-paced coaching. 

“The interactive nature of the experience was so fantastic, so different to simply reading and understanding the material; actually being able to create the mindsets was quite an experience.” 

Rob Adlard – Founder CEO & Technical Director, Gravitilab Aerospace Services

The HorizonMethodTM underpins all of our programme content, methods and tools for ambitious leadership teams in growth and change. It is science and data driven, based on relevant frameworks, research, insight and facts that our Leadership Partners use to stimulate thinking and deliver interactive and experiential learning and development. 

“The management team as a whole is more focused and efficient. The value is in the general mindset of consciously and consistently behaving as leaders.”

Jan Jezek – Founder, Arecor

We offer a wide suite of HorizonMethodTM modules, including Creating My Leader Self™, Diversity as a Competitive Advantage, Culture to Catalyse Growth and Leading for Resilience.

“We are impactful and focussed. We deploy broad knowledge and experience in a targeted way. Our methods are tried and tested, but bespoke and responsive to specific needs. We upskill the team as we go, through workshops, targeted 1:1s, insight, and diagnostics. We are committed and do everything we can for those with the appetite and the willingness to step up and take action.”

Paul Anson, Leadership Partner, Horizon37

“Has helped me achieve outcomes that might have taken a much longer, more painful route. 100% recommend.

Julia Salasky – CEO, Legl