Ecosystem Leader

Ecosystem Leader

Use a proven model and credible brand to deliver leadership transformation in your chosen innovation ecosystem. 

Horizon37 has a proven high-impact and demanded value-proposition. With a track record of five years of growth, profitability and investment in our assets, we enjoy sustained high demand for our products, tools and programmes by innovation scale-ups, and a reputation that leads to a stream of referrals in the UK market. 

We are hiring Ecosystem Leaders to be part of the next stage in our company’s growth, as we scale across the UK and internationally.

As an Ecosystem Leader, you will join our supportive, adaptable and brilliant team to set up your own Horizon37 division in your chosen innovation ecosystem. You will have access to a ready made business model, supported by solid Platform Assets that give you easy and efficient access to our industrialised sales engine, and the products and people you need for delivery to customers. Our Base Team provides central marketing, training, and operational support to ensure your success. 

You will bring your own skills, strengths and individuality to the business, and relish the opportunity to create customer impact and business value faster, more easily and by playing to your strengths in this way. You will enjoy autonomy, without reinventing the wheel.

The Horizon37
Customer Promise


  1. Results matter most, we make a difference in your business
  2. Our work is outstanding quality and we are cutting-edge experts
  3. You have existing momentum, let’s build on what’s working
  4. Insight and understanding come first
  5. We do what we say we will
  6. We challenge and work at pace
  7. We can be trusted, we protect confidentiality and always choose to “do the right thing”
  8. We have positive intent and your interests at heart
  9. We create safe, confidential environments to create robust, explorative and co-creating relationships

Job mission

Sell and deliver Horizon37 programmes, establishing a new division of Horizon37 in your chosen innovation ecosystem, whilst contributing to the core business growth strategy

Your Success Factors

  1. Establish a reputation and get in the right conversations, to create opportunities with target customers. 
  2. Identify customer needs and propose business-specific value that is highly personalised, to convert deals.
  3. Course correct during programme delivery and quality assure to get customer results (and protect Horizon37’s reputation)

You Commit To:

  • Hit sales and delivery targets and milestones every quarter in year 1 and 6 months thereafter 
  • Achieve 95% 5 star reviews (rolling 3-month average)
  • Give feedback and suggested improvements on the HorizonMethodTM
  • Earn commission by passing on leads outside the designated ecosystem geographic boundaries to the Base Team

Candidate attributes

  • You will be:
  1. Credible – will our target customers take a meeting with you?
  2. Connected – do you have our target customers and referrers in your network?
  3. Capable – will you deliver quality programmes in line with the Horizon37 Customer Promise?
  4. Entrepreneurial – are you savvy and ready to build a business?
  5. Team-player – will you collaborate with our Base Team?
  6. Trustworthy – will you cherish and protect our reputation and IP?
  7. Risk-ready – can you invest time and take risk in return for high potential upside returns?

You will have:

  1. Expertise/knowledge about the innovation business ecosystem
  2. Relevant personal leadership track record
  3. Leadership Programme delivery track-record including
    • Curriculum delivery
    • Responsive coaching
    • Coaching 1:1s teams and groups
  4. Energy and drive to make things happen
  5. Extraordinary communication skills – written and verbal

Bonus extras could be that you are:

  • Skilled in product creation
  • Experienced delivering leadership programmes
  • Expert in sales strategy


  • Build and lead your own valuable and profitable business division. Be entrepreneurial, without taking all the risk:
  • Avoid the marketing legwork to get a new team established.
  • Make sales quickly and easily.
  • Avoid the need to invent products from scratch.
  • Generate profit, and retain a sizable share of it.
  • Develop your coaching practice in a coherent way, maximise your value – entirely focussed on customer results.
  • Be part of an outstanding team and business culture. Have autonomy without excessive ambiguity and uncertainty.

How to apply

Send a cover letter and CV to Sabina Raus