Upon completion of our programmes, we welcome all participants into our community. As Horizon37 alumni, we continue to support them as they build and sustain the leadership step-ups they have achieved through their Leadership Programmes.

Our alumni are invited to our exclusive workshops and seminars; have access to 20-minute individual Lightning Coaching; and opportunities to participate in our events and research programmes. 

Ecosystem Altruists Programme

Our Ecosystem Altruists programme brings together an elite cohort of mentors that we invite and fund to participate in a bespoke workshop. We want to enable great people in the Innovation ecocsystem to deploy, and showcase, the Horizon37 philosophy and results-focussed approach to supporting leaders through participation in a pro bono workshop that is valuable to them.

We will be delivering our next Ecosystem Altruist workshop in 2024.

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Pro Bono Leadership Support

Our Customers are leading innovation scale-ups.

Our pro bono contribution of products and time is all about enabling those who have the potential and commitment to grow into leading an innovation scale-up.

For example, we contribute to: HERA’s work to enable trafficking survivors to set up businesses; the Royal Academy of Engineering’s efforts to broaden access to funding and support; the Cambridge Judge Business School’s Accelerator programmes; and the delivery of volunteer-led primary school entrepreneurship club “KidsBiz”.

As you can imagine, we get a lot of requests for pro bono delivery of our products and time. We are sorry that we can’t say yes to every one.

These are our criteria for selection:
Valuable: Our contribution will have a significant positive impact on the performance and sustainability of the beneficiary’s leadership and business
Aligned: The beneficiary’s business mission is, or has potential to be, transformative and groundbreaking
Committed: The beneficiary is able and committed to take and use the full value of what we offer to achieve results that matter to them and their businesses
Needed: Alternative leadership support is either not available or not affordable to the beneficiary.
Efficient: Delivery of our product and time will be efficient – with a high proportion of time spent on value vs admin, negotiation, and discussion.

If you fit these criteria please apply here.

If, on the other hand:
(a) You have a marketing or partnership opportunity that makes business sense for us, please contact Jo Roberts. Please note that we do not look for general “exposure” – everything we do needs to be valuable and relevant to our expertise and value proposition.
(b) You want to become a Horizon37 leadership expert, please apply via Sabina Raus.