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Our Employee Benefits

Our benefits package includes:

  • A 4-day working week (as a company we don’t work on Friday)
  • Generous paid time off allowance (24 days + bank holidays for full-time employees)
  • Flexibility in terms of working hours
  • Mainly remote (or hybrid) work, depending on your specific role
  • Performance and results-based bonus scheme (through which you can earn additional monetary bonus and days off)
  • Workplace pension 
  • Ad-hoc bonuses and Ad-hoc time off (“Star days”)
  • Options scheme, depending on your specific role
  • Training and development opportunities to suit your role, interests and long-term career plan, including with our Leadership Experts
  • Team Connection Days (e.g. Valuable Days, Learning and Connection calls)
  • Team lunch/breakfast
  • Core team retreats

Our Values

We pride ourselves on a great company culture, which empowers people to work together to deliver our ambitious goals. We want everything we create and cultivate to live up to the principles of our 5 core values – SOFAR. Because we know that what we do everyday determines our reputation, the level of success we achieve, and the positive impact we make on our people’s development and wellbeing.

Learning & Development

We are committed to investing in our people’s learning & professional and personal development. This includes:

  • An intensive 18-month training programme
  • Opportunities to shadow our Leadership Experts during workshop deliveries
  • Monthly Learning & Connection Zoom calls
  • Valuable Days
  • Career progression discussion during your performance reviews
  • Buddy-up and mentorship opportunities
  • Exclusive access to Horizon37 research and publications

Engagement & Satisfaction

We conduct regular team surveys to measure the engagement and satisfaction of our team members. Don’t just take our word for it! See the results of our latest survey (March 2023):

Andy Wilson talks about his experience at Horizon37 and his transition from Results Manager to Specialist Expert Coach: