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Developmental Workshops 

Our team of subject matter experts deliver customised workshops aimed at addressing specific leadership challenges and building capabilities within the organisation. Our style is to maintain a ruthless focus on business goals and use a coaching approach, tailoring each workshop moment by moment to respond to real-life issues our customers are dealing with.

Our Open Courses and Events are listed on The Cambridge Network

Example Challenges

• Specific known issues or areas of underperformance holding a team back

• Recent organisational change or newly forming teams

• Ambitious goals, difficult team targets and/or intense pressure to perform

• Desire for self-development

Our Approach

• Share best practice theory, research, frameworks and case-studies

• Facilitate exploration of new ideas in a safe and supportive environment

• Coach individuals and support peer coaching in the moment in workshops

• Lead role playing and awareness building activities

Your Results

• New leadership mindsets and improved leadership performance

• Heightened curiosity and openness to new thinking

• Clear improvement actions linked with business goals

• Increased collaboration, frankness, and camaraderie between peers

• Faster and more effective problem-solving and decision-making

“We've seen a real shift in mindset in how we approach situations that can potentially be negative and divisive. A very positive experience.” 

Alan Sinclair
Product Development Consultant, The Technology Partnership

The Horizon37 Method

Our client organisations are growing fast, or transforming to meet new business needs. The senior leaders we serve face challenging business goals. Goals like: winning pivotal new customers or clients; resolving ruinous conflicts; or securing investor buy-in.

By working with Horizon37, our customer's find themselves equipped and empowered to make good decisions and perform better, more sustainably, and in ways that deliver business value.

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