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Ninja Coaching Sessions 

Busy leaders in senior teams find our ninja coaching calls help them unstick problems, unleash their best selves, and solve challenges in the moment. In times of rapid change, they enjoy confidential access to a coach by phone at a time that works for them.

Example Challenges

• Individual concerns or mindset blocks whilst the team is tackling a collective issue

• Conflict that is preventing progress in the team

• Indecision or self-doubt that is preventing progress

• Need to plan immediate next steps when faced with a crisis

Our Approach

• 1:1 confidential phone calls of one hour each with a highly experienced leadership coach

• Rapidly analyse and make sense of issues

• Focus on choosing practical next actions

• Put mechanisms in place to create accountability

Your Results

• Getting into action to overcome specific challenges and clear all blockers to progress

• Embedding and personalising learning from team leadership development programme

• Greater self-awareness enabling deeper connection with colleagues

"A perfect balance between being tough & challenging, and being a cheerleader. Coaching has made a remarkable difference - I feel empowered, able to articulate vision, and equipped with new habits and leadership techniques for getting consistent results."

Inge Cuypers 
CEO, Lola Tech

The Horizon37 Method

Our client organisations are growing fast, or transforming to meet new business needs. The senior leaders we serve face challenging business goals. Goals like: winning pivotal new customers or clients; resolving ruinous conflicts; or securing investor buy-in.

By working with Horizon37, our customer's find themselves equipped and empowered to make good decisions and perform better, more sustainably, and in ways that deliver business value.

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