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What does it take to lead through the scale-up stage? Are scale-up CEOs born, or can they be made? Our research group's focus is currently: Can we challenge the dogma that great scale-up CEOs are "born with it" and can't be "made"?

In the Cambridge cluster, investors and founders alike have long argued that CEO leadership matters hugely in determining the ultimate outcomes for early-stage tech businesses. And the cost of a CEO failing and needing to be replaced can be high – in terms of shares, salaries and time – if not terminal, for the business. But founder CEOs often struggle during the scale-up phase.

Our latest report reveals the good signs and bad signs that the scale-up CEO could have "what it takes". We identify six things a successful scale-up CEO is likely to do well, and provide detail to help prioritise efforts to improve CEO leadership for business performance. 


UK Business Angel Association Angel Investor of the Year interview with Katy Tuncer features group coaching in Horizon37 development workshops, which he recommends for his portfolio companies. - Peter Cowley, December 2018

In Katy's speech at the Invested Investor Book launch she talks about coaching Angel investors, father-son co-founders, and changing attitudes to failure - Invested Investor Podcast, October 2018

Katy discusses mental blocks and breakthroughs in senior career transitions - BBC Radio Cambridge, May 2018

Start-up Spotlight on Katy Tuncer raising money and support for ventures in creative and innovative ways - Business Weekly, March 2018

Peter Cowley interviews Katy about her proudest failure for the Angel Investor and Entrepreneur War Stories monthly podcast - The Invested Investor, November 2017
Dr Sara Khan interviews Katy on her new technology to guide pre and postnatal exercise – Medical Women (the magazine of the Medical Women’s Federation), September 2014 
Katy shares her experience of launching a virtual personal trainer business - Womanthology, Sept 2014
BBC interviews Katy for "Music of my Life" programme about entrepreneurship and starting a business around family life - BBC, November 2013
Sunday Times describes Katy's work as a mumpreneur as a “massive innovation” – Sunday Times (middle pages of main section), September 2013  
Katy calls for more diversity in leadership as she launches leadership in motherhood programme in Cambridge – ITV 6 o’ clock Anglia news, September 2013 
Katy provides expert comment in various BBC interviews e.g. on a new study from Cambridge University proving link between active mums and active kids; impact of community exercise on segments of female population; psychology of exercise goals - BBC Radio Cambridge and Northampton, regular guest 2012-2015

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